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LGG Foundation Priority Areas

Natural risks

We seek and support projects and technologies that aim to try to predict natural disasters (earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, etc.), monitor natural anomalies, to identify patterns in their occurrence. The goal for this area is to find and promote the use of technologies that not only deal with consequences from natural disasters, but also proactively focus on early predictions and warnings, thus reducing the risks and damage to people's lives.

Industrial or man-made risks

We support projects and technologies in the fields of monitoring and reducing the human footprint on the environment, reducing harmful emissions, renewable clean energy development. As one of the most important areas to reduce the death rate from man-made factors, we see a need to increase the level of recycling, reducing the proportion of non-recyclable waste and avoiding incineration, as well as finding alternative ways to safely recycle waste.


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People who work on the projects that we support have dedicated their lives to save the lives of others. Please help them save more lives.


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